Refurbished Device Industry Thrives in India Despite Global Chip Shortage

Refurbished industry

Amidst the challenging global chip shortage, the refurbished device industry in India has proven its remarkable resilience and exponential growth. Check out how this industry has created an ecosystem that is not just weathering the storm but thriving against all odds!  

  1. Double-Digit Growth: Despite the global chip crisis, the refurbished device market in India has witnessed an impressive double-digit growth of over 15% in the past year. This signals a strong consumer shift towards sustainable and affordable technology solutions. 
  1. Rising Demand: The demand for refurbished smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets has surged dramatically, with a staggering 25% increase in demand during the same period. Consumers are increasingly realizing the cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly advantages of opting for refurbished devices. 
  1.   Circular Economy Impact: By embracing refurbished devices, the Indian market has contributed to saving an estimated 1.2 million kilograms of electronic waste from landfills, reducing our environmental footprint significantly. Together, we are fostering a circular economy that benefits both businesses and the planet. 
  1. Job Creation: The growth of the refurbished device industry has led to the creation of numerous job opportunities throughout the value chain, including refurbishment centers, logistics, customer support, and more. Our industry is playing a pivotal role in driving employment in the tech sector and supporting the nation’s economic growth. 
  1.   Empowering Digital Access: With the cost-effectiveness of refurbished devices, we are breaking down barriers to digital access for millions of individuals across India. Students, entrepreneurs, and aspiring professionals can now leverage quality gadgets at affordable prices, empowering them to excel in their pursuits. 

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