Know the Difference between Manufacturer and Seller Refurbished Products


Are you eager to buy a refurbished mobile phone? If so, you may have come across the words “Manufacturer Refurbished” and “Seller Refurbished” in the Product Description section, which indicate who refurbished the device and according to what process.

Manufacturer Refurbished Mobile

When the original mobile phone manufacturer acquires and refurbishes the device without the intervention of a retailer or third party, we call it a “manufacturer refurbished” mobile.

The refurbished devices you buy directly from Samsung or Apple are the best examples of manufacturer refurbished phones.

While you can check prices or manufacturer refurbished phones on various e-commerce platforms, you can buy them from the manufacturers.

Seller Refurbished Mobile

When retailers, other than the original manufacturer, purchase used phones that have been specially refurbished to perform like new, they are labelled “Seller Refurbished Phones”.

Refurbished seller is a standard label you see when buying a refurbished phone online from an e-commerce platform like XtraCover.

When you see these tags on a new phone, and you cannot find a brand known behind it, make sure the previous owner of the device has restored your mobile phone.

Is the manufacturer refurbished mobile phone better than the seller refurbished mobile phone?

Repairing phone service

A common misconception is prevalent among people that a refurbished mobile of an original manufacturer is always of better quality.

No matter who restores the device, the quality of the refurbishment depends entirely on the ethical testing and expertise of the engineer. In addition, it often depends on the internal device software.

It should be understood here that the seller’s refurbished products may also be of higher quality. If you buy the product from an authorized partner, you can count on its reliability.

Warranty on Manufacturer Refurbished Products

When refurbished items are purchased directly from the original manufacturer, they usually provide a warranty and a certificate of refurbishment.

Also, if you want to extend your warranty coverage, you may need to pay extra. In addition, manufacturers also offer a flexible return policy.

Points to keep in mind while buying a Refurbished Mobile from a Reseller

refurbished smartphone looking brand new

Here are a few points you need to keep in mind while buying refurbished equipment from a reseller so as not to fall prey to these sellers who may mislead you throughout the deal:

  • Ask the seller about the refurbishing grades of the products to assess their quality.
  • Inquire about the company’s experience in refurbishing work and refurbishing electronic items. 
  • Check reviews from other clients to understand the quality of their work.

Warranty on Seller Refurbished Products

If you buy a refurbished mobile phone from a trusted authorized partner, reseller, or online platform, they offer you a default warranty. But not all refurbished sellers provide warranties. Even if they do, whether or not they give you an extended warranty for an extra payment is still a concern.

Final Thoughts

Manufacturer refurbished devices are always more expensive than seller refurbished ones. Also, their packing varies – manufacturer refurbished models usually get attractive packaging with add-on gadgets like headphones, USB cables, etc. But if you want to save money, it is recommended to buy from a trusted refurbished seller.

So, when buying a phone, first compare and buy the certifications and prices and enjoy your shopping experience.

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